[Announcement]: Ebony Spire: Heresy – Anniversary Update

It is with great pleasure that I announce a new update for Ebony Spire: Heresy, the 1 Year Anniversary Update! It’s a content and feature update that will drop on Steam (and itch.io) before November 2018. It’s a collection of the most requested features and quality of life improvements that people have been asking for the entire time the game was live, with a few bonuses sprinkled here and there.

I’m going to go over the most important bits that will be made available in the update:

  • Full mouse support for the game: This has been the most requested feature since day one. I heard you loud and clear. Movement, Menu, Actions and Interactions will be available to your pointer.
  • Auto-equip items in the inventory when a new game starts: Many players were confused about not being able to damage enemies on their first few runs because they had no idea how to access and use the inventory.
  • The second most requested change for the game was the ability to not start FACING THE WALLS in Infinite_Mode.
  • A way to select which items you want to pickup from the ground if more than one are available. Or see details about those items.
  • Improved dungeon textures: To quote a piece of feedback I received “main dungeon visuals are boring, while portals you visit are pretty cool”. No more, dungeons look better and will be more interesting.
  • The ability to re-size the screen of the game.
Work in Progress screen from the update

These are just the most important features and fixes. Others that will drop will include a couple of new enemies, items, spelling fixes and general bug fixes.

The update will first be available in the Beta branch in a couple of weeks. People who want to help iron out all the remaining kinks can switch to it and even request an account for my own, internal, bug tracker. Crowd sourced bugs can be followed and see when they are fixed!

And these is just the first announcement regarding Ebony Spire. Keep an eye out on this blog or twitter for more goodies to come.

I’ll end this announcement by saying this: I couldn’t have asked for a better group of players and fans. Your support over the course of this year, feedback (good or bad) and general interactions has been amazing. This update drops for all of you. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and any further games that are to come.

Thank you,

The Bearded Giant!

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