Anniversary Update is now live – Thoughts and Next Steps

Hello Giants!

It’s been one year since I released Ebony Spire: Heresy on steam and It was a wild ride that started with me embarking on my 2nd attempt of setting up a Game Development Business and trying to support myself without being tied down to a single employer.

We all know how things turned out in the first couple of months, the gamasutra article has been shared everywhere. But did you know that after a few months things started picking up traction and I’m at a point where the game managed to sustain itself (and me while we’re at it)? Dark Blue Monkey interviewed me about it here and spoiler warnings: Things are looking good!

I wrote about why I decided to make an anniversary update here so I won’t go into many details again. Just know that people like you, lovely giant, helped this update come true. So I hope you’ll play the crap out of it (and let me know if you have any thoughts about it either here, on the forums or on discord). I’ve supported the game with new content and updates for about a year and that won’t stop any time soon.

As for the future, I’ve let it known that I’ll work on a bigger and better (hopefully) entry in the Ebony Spire series but until then, I plan to take a small break and work on a smaller, new, title. I don’t have the details penned down yet but I know It won’t be a traditional desktop game. I’ve been chatting with various people on discord and the opportunity to work on a game designed and developed with OLDER HARDWARE in mind is tempting. Or at least it’s limitations.

My next little game might be developed for DOS machines. Or a C64. Or for a Gameboy type of game or maybe for the Arduboy. I don’t know yet but I know that’s what I want to try. I’ll be re-designing the Chaurus engine that I used for Ebony Spire and spin it off into something else. I don’t know yet but I’ll figure it out. So far I just want to sit back, relax and see what people have to say about the update!

I’ll come back later with a post-mortem post for the update. About the impact of localizing the Steam store had. And people’s impression of the update and mouse support. Right now I just hit the release button again and I want to drink my coffee.

Thank you for the wild ride and Happy birthday to Ebony Spire.

Cheers Giants!