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Studio Update – April 10 – 2021 – New Games, Linux News and Physical Releases

Hello Giants!

Things have been busy at the Bearded Giant HQ for the past year and that caused us to neglect the website a bit. So let’s get that part of the way:

We’ve released Fallen, last year, for the commodore 64 and the game got featured on CSDB which lead to a huge influx of people to our website. This in turn, caused the store to crash hard under the current infrastructure. In order to avoid this from happening again, I’ve initiated a plan to reduce the load that will go live before our next summer releases. Until then, I hope we can still manage.

Now for the update on what has been happening

Key points and subjects we’re going to address in this post:

  • Freelancing and contracting work
  • Linux4Everyone sponsorship
  • Retro game development and physical game releases
  • We closed down our patreon account

Freelancing and contracting work

Over the past year and since the pandemic hit, we found ourselves doing a lot of freelancing projects to keep the income stream up┬áin order to secure the development of our future titles. And by a lot of freelancing projects I really mean it. In a single year BGG has worked on more than 60 games and prototypes for mobile platforms for various clients. In turn this has secured us financially for quite a while and will allow us to re-focus on developing our own projects and games. At this point, we’re trying to cut back on contracting work and shift gears towards more original BGG IP’s with the first new game aiming to release sometime in the summer.

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