Who am I?

I'm a game designer and programmer with over 10 years of practical experience. Bearded Giant Games is the monicker (brand) under which I launch my games. I specialize in designing coffee-break games that feature streamlined, condensed, single-player premium experiences (check out this review on Ebony Spire). I've worked in the industry for companies like Gameloft and Disney on internal projects (N.O.V.A 3, Beastopia) to huge blockbusters (Frozen, The Dark Knight Rises). As an indie I developed games that range from small prototypes (during game jam's) to full blown self-published commercial releases.


Looking to hire me as a freelance designer or programmer? Drop me an email and let's talk. I can dance with Unity, C#, C++, Lua. I also roll my own game framework and engine. They are available for free under a MIT license but if you need me, I can customize it to your needs.

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