Ebony Spire: Heresy

Crawl, throw, summon and smash your way through 20 levels of pure mishap in this first person turn based dungeon crawling game! Every item can be used both by the player and against him! And there are more than 100 items (+ stats variations) ranging from potions, to scrolls, weapons and artifacts!

The game can be played on Windows, Linux and MacOS! You can purchase it on Steam or Itch.io. There's also a 5 level demo available here. As a personaly recommended review you can check out what Dark Blue Monkey had to say about the game on Indie Game Buzz.

Rogue Sweeper

RogueSweeper is a mashup between a roguelike and a minesweeper game. Tap to reveal tiles, monsters, traps or items. Tap (or click) your way to the bottom of the infinite dungeon. How far can you go?

The game has a level scaling system that requires you to manage your XP. Will you buy that health potion and lose your current level or will you risk tapping on that monster? Stats (Str and Evasion) scale with your level. Note that you can lose your current level by spending XP in the shop. Combat happens by tapping on an enemy. Destroying a monster will award you with food and maybe a free item!

Want the source code? It's on github (MIT licensed). The game can be purchased from itch.io for just 1.99$ and can be played on Windows, Linux or Android-powered mobile devices!