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Bearded Giant Games Is Hiring a Junior Game Developer

I’m looking to expand my development effort on internal projects. Space Mercs is due for an update and there are a bunch of games in development limbo that need final touches to be ready for shipping. 

As such I’m looking to bring a Junior Game Developer onboard. I’m calling it a Junior Game Developer role because I’m going to train you to the best of my abilities in all areas where I need more manpower. 

Your starting “class” gives me flexibility to assign a project to you and begin the training process.

Pick a class (not all classes are mandatory). The broader your skillset, the more chances we will work together. 

The ideal Bearded Giant should have some experience in one of the three following areas:

Game Programming Path:

  • Experience with Unity and C#
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (LUA) is a big plus
  • Experience with creating and programming User Interfaces using Unity’s Canvas and does not forget to test on different aspect ratios (seriously)
  • Integrated any kinds of third party services (Analytics, Ads) without sacrificing his soul in the process
  • Is not afraid of the terminal/command line. For all my linux projects you’re going to get really up-close and personal with it.
  • Experience with C/C++ from good ol’ days (C89, C99, etc) is considered a big plus


Game Design Path:

  • Great verbal and oral communication skills
  • Can breakdown game mechanics into concise steps and loops
  • Knowledge and experience with Google Docs and moving images without having to restructure the entire document 10 minutes before a big meeting $@$@!$$##@
  • Experience with Google Sheets and at least knows about the guy who made an entire first person shooter in Excel
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (LUA) is a big plus
  • Is not completely and utterly terrified of code and/or programming
  • Is a fan of turn based or old-school style games (First Person Crawlers, Turn Based Strategy Games)
  • Used and wrote at least 1 wordpress blog post and is not afraid to do it again.
  • Designed or played a ton of roguelike games
  • Experience with art tools and making banners or graphics for documents (Photoshop, Gimp, Paint.NET) or editing sprites (cropping, scaling, moving, cleaning)


Multi-class Path:

  • Wrote some games(hyper casual, game jam games, simple demos)
  • Wrote design documents and managed to prototype an idea of two
    • A main menu does not count as a game prototype
  • Finished X-Com: Enemy Unknown without using Ken Levine or Sid Meier (not really a plus but let’s talk about this)
  • Used and wrote at least 1 wordpress blog post and is not afraid to do it again.
  • Has experience with Unity/C#, Lua or C/C++ programming
  • At least made a quick game page on for a project that never got shipped
  • Experience with art tools and making banners or graphics for documents (Photoshop, Gimp, Paint.NET) or editing sprites (cropping, scaling, moving, cleaning)

If you adhere to any of the above archetypes then feel free to apply. 

You’ll be working on any of the following:

  • A 3rd person space shooting game with more bullets and lasers flying around than it should legally be allowed
  • An old-school first person dungeon crawler (porting it from a C code base written for a 1987 68K Macintosh Computer)
  • A mobile Pirate Action Adventure game with simulation elements where you control a ship in a big battle against a huge kraken in an open world
  • A first person Boss Fighting game for mobile that desperately needs new content
  • New Hyper Casual or Casual mobile games that we accidentally prototype together
  • Linux or Mac ports that people usually throw on my lap
  • Game Design Documents for various clients [after the 1 year mark of working together].

You might also end up working with really old hardware like a Commodore 64 (or a modern remake with a HDMI output and a SD Card Slot), one of the first ever Macintosh Computers, a 486 PC with DOS 6 or FreeDOS on it, a Nintendo DS or a GBA. Bearded Giant Games works and releases a ton of retro games for retro platforms. 

We’ll start with a 3 month work contract. If at the end of 3 months we like working together, we’ll expand it to a 1 year work contract and, after that, to infinity and beyond. 

A beard is not a requirement to join Bearded Giant Games. It’s the beard on the inside that counts. 

Quest Rewards:

  • 5000 RON Gross Salary (Brut) (2900 RON for you, ~2100 for the powers that be).
  • A Mac or a Linux laptop for development that you get to keep if we go to infinity and beyond with the collaboration.
  • Technically remote/work from home work BUT in the first 3 months we’re going to be working closely together at a Hub in Bucharest, so I can handle your training. After 3 months you can kick this to the curb and it’s perfectly fine if you never want to see me again while we collaborate.

Intrinsic Rewards:

  • Learn to ship games on various modern platforms
  • Learn failure in design and programming on someone else’s investment 
  • Learn to ship games on a ton of weird and retro platforms

Apply via LinkedIN: